Duel In The Somme – Page 23

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35 Responses to “Duel In The Somme – Page 23”

  1. Omikron says:

    I cannot recall who called, but somebody did. Now, I just hope Tom shows up at Hooters shoves his resignation down Kelso's throat.

  2. Geoffrey Kidd says:

    Awwwww right!

    Actually, if Tom's been offered a corner office? I hope he shows up at Hooters with job offers for everybody BUT Kelso, who can explain to HIS boss (aka "Daddy") about the defection of their best people.

    "Supreme excellence in the Art of War lies in winning without fighting."

    • Omikron says:

      I don't know, the rest of the team seemed to side with Kelso, from teasing him with Snoopy dolls to escorting the boss to the dogfight. If I were Tom, I would let the team keep working under the man, they seem to deserve each other. That being said, losing part of a potential 14 million dollar contract is something Kelso's father would whip him over.

      • Geoffrey Kidd says:

        You have a point about "summer soldiers" and "fair-weather friends."

        On the one hand, there's the Attila the Hun approach:

        "To crush your enemy, to see him driven before you, etc."

        On the other hand, there's:

        "Toddle off and do nothing."

        But on the gripping hand:

        "The small man
        Builds cages
        For everyone
        While the sage,
        Who has to duck his head
        When the moon is low,
        Keeps dropping keys all night long
        For the
        -- Hafiz"

  3. Maestro says:

    Looks like Tom's lost the battle but won the war. :)

    • "gunner" says:

      you beat me to it, who was that roman general...

      • Militant Bibliophile says:

        Fabius Maximus? He was certainly good at it

      • kayakninja says:

        Pyrrhic victory? Won battles with such losses he might as well just have lost?

        • DeADe says:

          Phyrus of Epirus is where the phrase comes from, Epirus was the greek kingdom of southern Italy when the Romans rose in teh centre he invaded and managed defeat the Romans but at such great losses he had to retreat anyway rather than capitalizing on his victory giving the Romans time to rebuild

      • Gillsing says:

        I don't know of any Roman general, but there was this Greek general, Pyrrhus of Epirus, who fought the Romans and did the opposite thing: Won the battles but lost the war.

      • Tuathal says:

        Could have been any number, Scipio africanus did it, the General who fought King Pyrrhus... Even Julius Caesar was prone to defeat, but winning wars was definitely his speciality.

  4. Adam F says:

    On a subtler note, this shows he could have cheated at any time...if he had wanted to. If your planes are constantly trying to explode, and must be kept from doing so by software, how hard would it be to write in a small exception to make your opponent's plane explode when you start shooting at it?

    • Rens says:

      Harder than you think. Trust me on this.

      • Pokota says:

        Yeah, the only way he'd have been able to specify Kelso's plane and not make it generic for every plane? Knowing ahead of time exactly which instance of the triplane class Kelso was going to use and coding specifically for that. Which means that any person using that specific triplane was going to have problems.

        And if it was set for every triplane? Tom would have been accused of "cheating" by exploiting a bug in the engine. He was in a no-win situation with the flight, and adding "cheats" just for this would (A) cheapen the sim for everyone else and (B) fail to prove that he's the better man.

        • ArtyD says:

          It is a better question to ask than most would probably think about.

          What Lorraine wants... is a basic flight sim module into ToBIAS a week from thursday.

          I think the incentive has been far more effective than expected.

          So the true question is:

          Did Tom actually win the weekend business trip?
          The challenge wasn't winning the dogfight. Go back to page 7. Was this done the way it OUGHT to be done?

        • Adam F says:

          How about "If it's near my sights, and I pull the trigger, it explodes regardless of if I hit it". But I totally agree that it would cheapen the sim and be a dirty move...I'm just saying that there would be some folks who would do that sort of thing.

        • Bob says:

          if (pilot != "kelso")
          kaboom(plane, "really big");

  5. Broski says:

    Ironically, I think Tom would have won if he had implemented the commercial flight sim. They showed that he was an ace at a flight sim, while Kelso was an ace in real planes. And then Kelso flies the plane like it's nothing and Tom can barely handle it.

  6. Militant Bibliophile says:

    I figured it would be something like this. Lorraine knows her quarry, too: she's been subtly goading him into doing something like this, to show his hand and prove what he's got. Clever, clever, clever: I'm betting she was always looking for more than just the program. Eh, whatever, I'm a sucker for a "nerd makes good" story line anyhow!

  7. Rags says:

    "Unexplode"? Like implode? (Would have been neat to see Kelso's plane implode around him but you can't get everything...)

    • Charley says:

      lol. idk if you're serious or not, but Zorro is referring to what he said earlier about ToBIAS occasionally forgetting that a critical piece of machinery exists for a while, causing the plane to fall apart.

    • T says:

      "Unexploding" and "imploding" are pretty different concepts!

      An implosion is an object collapsing on itself, forcing matter and energy inwards, while being unexploded, in this context, is simply reverting the object to a whole state, where no kind of -plosion has occured at all!

  8. Pokota says:

    So he solved the falling apart problem with a workaround...

    function explode (plane target)
    Plane falls apart
    If the plane wasn't supposed to fall apart

    Something like that?

    • JustAcoder says:

      No I guess it would be more like:

      // Fly the plane
      Catch(PlaneExplodedException ex)
      if(ex.ShouldNotExplode == true)
      // Unexplode the plane specified in ex

      // Reminder: I shouldn't write code when I reply to a blog comment

    • Chromatix says:

      More like:

      periodically {
      foreach(airborne plane) {
      if it has been "forgotten" {
      // oops
      } else {

  9. Bookwyrm says:

    I say revenge is a dish best served cold. Tom should let Kelso find out after the fact that Tom has landed in the catbird seat. Let Kelso hold forth at Hooter's about his prowess in the sim. His defeat will be more crushing when he discovers too late that the golden goose has flown.

  10. Man in the Mists says:

    I think we can now safely say ZEPOPOLIS VICTORY!

  11. Chris says:

    Now here's a question:

    If there's code that stops the plane exploding...

    does that mean they can NEVER explode, and as such, never will?

    Also, when will this software be available for video games? ;)

  12. Railgun says:

    I think Tom should abstain from bragging or shoving his newly found employment to Kelso's face. Tom should be the bigger man, above that sort of petty feeling, in order to achieve a true victory.

  13. esoclectica says:

    how about

    "I admit it Mr Kelso, you ARE the better man. I admit my defeat. I feel I have no choice but to resign in disgrace. Please forward my last check to

    CogNoTek, Inc
    Artificial Reality Department
    Chief of Project Developments Zepopolis"

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