Duel In The Somme – Page 7

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5 Responses to “Duel In The Somme – Page 7”

  1. Old Prof. Otter says:

    Well, the virtual showdown is set up.
    But the show down will be between the designer and his boss.
    The designer can and likely will put in cheat codes, and win.
    So what would the boss do? If the boss can change the cheat codes, he
    could totally win.
    A code review can be eliminated by simply putting the game on line at
    the last minute.
    Well hidden cheat codes can be the devil to find, see 'Obfuscated C
    and other Mysteries' (by Don Libes) for examples of how to hide the
    fact that there is a functioning program there.

    Now I really do not know how much programming experience any of the
    talent has.
    Bill seems to have at least a passing knowledge of some of the
    So I hope that the end result is one that would play well in the real


  2. Geoffrey Kidd says:

    Ahhh, but a more elegant way would be to win without ACTUALLY cheating.

    Consider the way Hollywood recently screwed up Kirk's triumph in the "Kobyashi Maru" scenario. As originally envisioned, all he did was set the initial conditions so that the Klingon warships were simply NOT on full alert, shields up, ready for battle and without their full sensor suites online. "Peace" conditions, if you will. So it was at least *possible* to sneak in and get the hell out before the situation pickled. A subtle victory, not one full of noise, and VERY hard to figure out afterwards.

    I really really want to see how this one plays out.

  3. Old Prof. Otter says:

    So you set initial conditions to give you 10% tighter turns, 10% more hitpoints but not report them to the screen, 10% more effective weapons,
    10% more thrust. And to set this to standard after the kill. And submit code the next day w/o inhancements.
    But it looks like he is training an AI, not coding.
    So get it to 'like' you.

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  5. Django says:

    I think:

    I drink Testostorone Latte


    I think possibly they (Starbucks) introduced a Testostorone Latte.

    would make a good T-shirt.

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